Don't Let a Conviction Stain Your Record

Providing criminal legal services in Hamilton, OH

If you've been charged with any type of criminal offense in the Hamilton, OH area, you need first-rate criminal legal services. Daniel J. Hurr Attorney at Law's criminal legal services cover misdemeanor and juvenile offense cases.

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Hold on to your license by hiring a traffic attorney

Traffic tickets aren’t just troublesome. Under the wrong circumstances, they can be life-changing. A traffic attorney from Daniel J. Hurr Attorney at Law can help you avoid:

  • Appearing in court: Don’t sacrifice time at work to appear in court to address a simple speeding ticket.
  • Paying high fines: Traffic violations can cost you several hundred dollars in fines and court fees.
  • Losing your license: Under the Ohio BMV points system, if you get just 12 points over a two-year period, you could face a six-month suspension.

Even receiving a speeding ticket can add up to 4 points to your license. Protect your driving privileges by calling a competent traffic attorney in Hamilton, Ohio today.